Get your graphic design game-face on

  They say design speakers louder than words. From what type of font you need to use to the smallest alignment adjustment, the creative process of graphic design can be a long and strenuous process. If you’re a graphic design

Rising Culture of Brand Ambassadors

“Michael. 19. Social Media Influencer”. A lot of us born before the social media generation wonder what in the name is an influencer? To many people today, it’s their full-time job. Well, branding in social media is not just about posting

10 spicy SEO terms you must know

With billions of websites on the Internet, how can you make your business spicy enough to stand out from the crowd? Search engine optimisation (SEO) is more important than ever because whether you have a website, blog or online store, SEO can help your business grow and meet business objectives. Continue reading

So UNsocial: Ways to increase productivity on social media

Social media marketing can be extremely time-consuming. Many people spend hours and hours on their mobile devices looking through endless content. The Spicy Team are here to give you some spicy tips with a flavour kick to increase your social media productivity. Continue reading

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